Firm Overview

Firm Overview

Feuerstein, Murphy & Beals, LLP formed in 2017, combining two of San Diego’s finest family law firms. The partnership brings a combined 90 years of family law experience known for zealous advocacy and quality reputation.

At Feuerstein, Murphy & Beals, LLP we pride ourselves on hard work and individual attention—you’ll never be just a number on a file—and we’ll strive to earn your trust as we lead you through the divorce process. It’s a challenging experience for anyone but we’ll explain each step in a language you can understand, and we’ll keep you comfortably informed and involved along the way.

Clients are often surprised to learn that the legal system offers several options for divorce. During our initial interview we’ll help you select the model that will most successfully resolve your unique situation:

  1. Aggressive Litigation: Although arriving at a settlement in a family law case is usually the more productive and cost-effective approach, not all cases can be amicable. If your spouse is attempting to gain an unfair advantage, we’ll fight for your rights. Because we are straight shooters we are well known and highly regarded in the San Diego courts. If you have been “kept in the dark” during marriage, we’ll do everything within our power to find undisclosed assets. Conversely, if you have been the wage earner, we’ll work to preserve what you have accumulated. In every case, however, the interests of involved children come first.
  2. ADR: Many clients prefer to resolve their case through Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR). This involves hiring a private judge or mediator without formal court litigation. This process allows us to select the individual judge or mediator, pick convenient dates, and present the case authentically without the need for stiff and formal litigation. This enables us to process your case in a much more efficient and cost effective manner.
  3. Mediation: If you and your spouse are willing to resolve your case outside the court system, we can serve as your mediator. You will attend mediation sessions with one of our attorneys, usually with your spouse, though individual meetings can be scheduled. We’ll help the two of you negotiate and discover a satisfactory solution to all issues, then complete the necessary paperwork. Some cases can be resolved in one session, while others take ten or more. We find the average number of mediation sessions is three to five.
  4. Collaborative Divorce™: Another way to resolve your case outside the court system, Collaborative Divorce™ utilizes a team of trained professionals—an attorney for each spouse, a child therapist, a financial specialist, and a coach for each spouse—in order to engage the divorce process in the most productive and positive manner possible. Additional information on this novel approach can be found at

Our Philosophy: Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work. At our firm there is no hype and no empty rhetoric, and we don’t prey on your emotions. (But if you’re feeling lost and need some direction, we can readily provide a list of experienced therapists and talented life coaches.) In our experience, though, to proceed effectively we must deal with issues, not blame. We don’t dwell on what happened during the marriage—we look to the future and focus on successfully resolving each and every issue. Through hard work and thorough preparation we are committed to helping you achieve your personal goals.

Our Accessibility: You can email us anytime. If you are already a client, we suggest grouping together a few questions in a businesslike fashion in order to save time and expense. If you are a potential new client, we are happy to provide a brief answer to a brief question before arranging an initial interview.

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